Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy busy but my to-do list is still huge.

I have been so busy doing what feels like everything but it actually turns out I have only done a tiny fraction of the to-do list. Over Easter weekend Tyler and I went to Blue Ridge and took our engagement photos around sunset. They turned out really great, our photographer is great, and his name is Brian Minson. We woke up that Saturday morning and we had to be in Blue Ridge by 5:00 pm but I wanted to watch Water for Elephants so we were going to go over by around 2:00 pm but I was ready early so we went to the Bridal Fair over in Pinetop. Luck just had it that we took in a couple of dresses to try on and we found “the one”! It was odd, but fun, I never was the girl who pictured her self in a wedding dress, I didn’t know there were so many styles or anything like that. This whole thing has been an odd experience because I never even thought of my self getting married, I didn’t have any thing picked out like most girls.

Lets see what else has happened to me in the past Month… lol I’m obviously not very good at blogging. On May 3rd I was working at Red Robin and I lost a $100.00 bill. This is the second time I have done this at Red Robin. I was upset at first but now I just hope that some one who deserved the money found it. Also on May 7th Tyler and I went to Vegas to watch my cousin Amber Matthews Marry Mark Glusica. It was Tyler’s first time to Vegas. Talk about a kid in a candy store he had so much fun! We had so much fun together; we didn’t gamble much we did a lot of walking around. We will definitely be returning soon.

My cousin Amber has been working on our wedding invitations so I will be very excited when those are done and we get those in the mail. I also started summer school… I chose to do it online since I will have to making frequent trips to Round Valley for wedding supplies and invitations and everything else that I have to get done.

Also I should give a little shout out to Tyler he just earned employee of the month for PDI construction company. Good job baby! Way to be such a hard worker.

I will try not to let it be another month before I post again, this is suppose to be my lil journal. I obviously was not good at that as a kid either.

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